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               Mold Inspections


Purpose and Scope


Mold testing can determine if high levels of mold are present in your home. The International Association of Certified Air Consultants (IAC2) has Standards of Practice that I use in a mold inspection. 


A Mold Inspection will report defects that pertain to mold growth, moisture intrusion, and any conditions that may exist that promote the development of mold. A Complete Mold Inspection is similar to a typical Home Inspection, but specifically deals with mold or conditions favorable to potential mold growth.


Laboratory samples


I will collect samples to be analyzed by an independent laboratory as part of the inspection. Air Sampling is a method used to determine whether elevated levels of mold exist.  A baseline sample is taken outdoors and compared to at least one air sample within the home to see whether or not mold is a concern.  

Sometimes I will suggest that Swab, Tape Lift, or more air samples to be taken as well – but ultimately all samples taken will have to be approved by you as there is a cost associated with the collection and analysis of each sample.

Each circumstance is unique and having the proper documentation is the first step in reaching a solution.

About Mold Testing: What To Expect


It is important to note that mold spores are present on almost every surface inside and outside of a home. The EPA has no set standard on what is an unacceptable mold amount. I am a generalist that is trained and certified to conduct IAC2 SOP Mold inspections and to find deficiencies that may promote excessive mold growth.


By using the IAC2 Standards, I can help you decide whether the mold level in your home needs to be remediated or not.

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